Monday, March 05, 2007

Touchy Interface

I've seen several demonstrations on the net of different computer interfaces but this is certainly one of the most exciting and impressive demos I've ever seen. A multi-touch/multi-user interface. *drool*

This thing isn't going to work for those cramp office cubicles. Also, although it does look awkward to be sitting down and flailing your arms, I hope you won't have to be standing all the time when using this thing. That would be trading RSI with varicose veins.

*** Warning: Gross Alert ***

When I did a search for varicose veins so I could link to a resource on the subject, one of the google results caught my eye. I imagine it would catch the attention of any literate human male. I always associated varicose veins with legs. Well, not anymore. Apparently you can get varicose veins of the scrotum (*cue thunder and lightning*). It really doesn't sound like something you would want to have. Don't worry about clicking the links, there are no pictures. In case the ladies feel left out, well do not fret. Ladies get a better deal - you can get varicose veins of the vulva and/or labia. Isn't science fun!

Funny how this post started with cutting edge technology and ended with something you don't want anywhere near a cutting edge.

Internal Critic: Very informative post. Definitely scores high on the variety scale. Subject transition was smooth. The closing statement was tasteless juvenile humor but witty. I think I'll give a 8 put of a 10.

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