Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Deity Gets a Shiny Surface

*sigh* two weeks without any new entries, longest lull yet. Lots of things going on the past couple of weeks. Just had a chance to catch my breath. So, this will be a quick post.
Remember that multi-touch technology I blogged about two months back
? Well, guess what? Microsoft has apparently been in the background playing with the technology themselves. Microsoft Windows move aside! Here comes the next big thing - Microsoft Surface.

And here I was thinking the next big thing would be Microsoft Doors.

And who would be the perfect user for a multi-touch interface? AvalokiteĊ›vara of course! Avala-who? Just watch the utterly amazing video.

Danza de los mil brazos - ZappInternet

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just Another Cog In the Wheel

Is it fair to appraise the beauty of a painting through words that describe it?

Days of frustration and perseverance expressed in numbers. Achievements summed up in lines of text. Measured by those who did not witness them, guided only by anecdotes from those that did. This is the method by which worth is judged. How can one feel justly quantified by such standards? How much attention can one's measure be given when it is only one among many?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stop Calling Me A Pig!

I think I have a new hero. This story was printed back in 2000, but I just Stumbled Upon it a couple of days ago. It was just too funny to pass up. Check this out:

Here's a link to the same story on BBC. Reading this gave me a picture in my head of a bunch of drunk male guinea pigs in a bar shouting "Sooty! Sooty! Sooty!" while watching this news story on TV . All the while swinging their small mugs around, laughing, and spilling beer all over the place.

See these pictures? They're just sooooo cute aren't they? Here's some guinea pig fun facts! Happy, happy, joy, joy! (link)
Guinea pigs are not actually pigs, nor did they come from Guinea. They may have acquired the name because of their piglike squeals and the fact that they came to Europe as pets, by way of Guiana in South Africa or Guyana in South America. Another theory is that they cost one guinea in the marketplace. As with real pigs, the females are "sows" and the males are "boars." A group is a "herd."
They're so cute you can just eat up them up! And you know what? People do. (link)
"And what do they taste like? “Meat is meat I suppose - but it’s just a really lovely tender, yummy, tasty meat. It depends on the marinade you put in or how you cook it. It’s a very agreeable meat to eat,” says Elisabeth."
Here another article about these cute, and apparently delicious , creatures as food. Guinea pigs are so good they were even served in the Last Supper! Sunday School never gives us the fun facts.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Song and a Banner

I've been wanting to update my blog banner for sometime now. Finally did it. My image editing skills are somewhat lacking, so I tried to mask that fact by using a blur effect. Yes, I know the sun is in front of me but it looks like sunlight is coming from behind me. Well, guess what? The picture was not taken on Earth. It was taken on a planet with two suns. So quit it.

Since I started this blog, one of the consistent hits I get from Google is people searching for an English translation of the song Kastilyong Buhangin by Pilita Corales. Not sure though if the Pilita Corales version is a revival or the original. I do know that the song has been recorded by several OPM artists, both old and new.

I tried looking for an English translation of the song myself just to see if there is something available somewhere in the web. I didn't find any. So, in an effort to help those people, I did a translation of the song myself (the horror!). I just warn these people that I don't do this for a living. Here's the links:

- Original Tagalog version of Kastilyong Buhangin
- My English translation of the song

Critics are welcome on both items, just be gentle. I just hope my high school English teacher doesn't see it.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Feel the Power of the Warrior!

This past weekend I stumbled on a video of the Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior in Wrestlemania VI (1990). Wow, that brought back memories. I hadn't seen the Ultimate Warrior for awhile. I remember that match being a big thing. My friends and I couldn't decide who to root for. We all loved 'em both.

I remember wrestling with my friends at our old place. Running around all hyper, pretending to shake the ropes, grunting and shouting, braking vases and mirrors during the process. I really do remember breaking a mirror once. I did an overhead body slam on this kid and he hit his head on a mirror. It didn't shatter or anything, it just cracked - the mirror I mean. But it was trouble all the same. *sigh* The good old days. I also remember being in a sleeper hold. Well, I remember parts of it, stuff just before I blacked out.

Did you ever catch that rumor that the Ultimate Warrior died of a popped vein because his arm bands were too tight? I did. I think I believed it at the time too. Must have had a picture in my mind that he never took those arm bands off. You know, wore them when he bought groceries, picked up laundry, went to the bank, etc.
Here's a FAQ page on the Ultimate Warrior. And yes, he's alive and his veins are fine and intact. He apparently does speaking engagements for a living among other things. Check out his site.

That was the time I was into wrestling and to me, that was the Golden Age. Here's a list of my favorite guys from that era:
Also found a tribute video to the Ultimate Warrior. It's to the music of 'You've Got the Touch' by Stan Bush. A song used in the animated Transformer Movie and also performed by Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights. Too much information? Sorry can't help it. Anyway, here's the video:

Here's an interesting clip of compiled speeches by the Ultimate Warrior. Edge is in there along with other people calling the Ultimate Warrior wonky (because of his speeches). Well, back then, I always thought they were cool. But I was ten, what did I know:

How about G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)? That was something. I remember one match where a woman's faced got burned and had to be rushed out in a stretcher (probably part of the show). That was also around the time they started showing roller derbies. Which was basically a montage of elbows to the face. I used to watch these when I was a kid. It's a wonder I haven't killed anyone yet. Although the roller derby stuff could explain my driving.

Other links:

Ultimate Warrior Central (pics and videos)
Ultimate Warrior on YouTube (videos)