Saturday, November 07, 2009

Drive By Shootings #7: Marketing

So what do you think?


Swine Flu? Hygienic Standards? How many restaurant are using the dishwashing?

I really hope all of them are ‘using the dishwashing’. Hygienic Standards? Yes please. Swine Flu? No, thanks. I think I’ll pass on that one. I like swine as much as the next guy, but the flu thing is a deal breaker.

How did they come up with this poster?

“Hey, I really think we should have a banner for the new store.”

“Ah well, we need to send it out now to get it by opening day.”

“Just send the post-its with the notes from the last marketing meeting. They should be able to put something together.”

“You’re the boss.”

I didn’t even notice those two girls on a bike ‘till I looked at this picture. Now that’s sharing.


Is it just me or does the girl driving look terrified?