Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kastilyong Buhangin (English Translation)

This page contains the English translation of the song Kastilyong Buhangin as performed by Pilita Corales. The text to the original song can be found here. As to why this post exist at all, check out this entry.

Castle of Sand
(Translated by echu)

Sometimes a promise can be compared
To a castle of sand
Most fragile and if not untouchable
It crumbles at a blow of the wind

The tide of mistaken love
Is its mortal enemy
If it kisses the shore
The castle falls

So before we speak the lover's oath
In our thoughts and in our deeds
Let us ponder if love is everlasting
Even after our destinies diverge

Once two hearts pledged
An endless love
A sand castle’s promise it seems
Love that is fleeting

Momentary, bringing only tears
That was our kind of love
It crumbled like a castle of sand