Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An Audible Dose of Nostalgia

After a long, long search, I have finally found it. Call me corny, but this is the fondest song from my childhood. I think I accidentally kicked one of my friends in the face while fooling around and hyper on this song. I also might have fallen a flight of stairs. Kids who grew up in the Philippines in the 80's, I've got a super treat for you. Put your headphones on full volume and get ready for a mega-dose of nostalgia. Press play.

And just so not to spoil the effect of the song , I'm not embedding this YouTube video as you would instantly know which song/movie it is. I'm just linking to it, if you're ready for another shot, click here. This is one of my all time favorite movies ever! My friends and I were talking about this movie for months after seeing it. Of course it was merely following a trend at the time it was released and capitalizing on the success of movies like KK and KK2. But hey! We were kids, we didn't care. Mahiwagang Gusi!

Update: A couple of people have chimed in. I guess I have to emphasize that this is for people who grew up in the 80s, not born in the 80s. Wow, now I feel old.