Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blog Interrupted

Last week was a good week. The missus had her birthday last week and she wanted to go bowling. So bowling it was. Some people would go skydiving on their birthday or something like that, but that is so passé :) Bowling is the new skydiving, for the sake of this post at least.

It was fun, specially since I won. The missus would claim it was a draw, but I had a bigger accumulated score, so I won.

The missus: uhm.....don't believe a word he prints!

See, in some cultures it would be considered rude to interrupt someone typing. Don't ask me which culture, I just know there are some out there.

The missus: Not in this house!

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get an internet connection at home or at least to be blogging at home. Before she would only read my entries after I post them, not while I type them. Besides, I've been online so much this weekend I think my brain has turned to goo. I think I can hear sloshing in my head.

As I was saying, before being rudely interrupted, I won. Birthday or no birthday, fact is fact.

The missus: Sympathy votes for the missus! He's being mean...again!

I think people are generally more discerning than that. Plus, I'm not mean, I'm nice.

The missus: ooooo so defensive

I think someone should get their own blog :p I think I'll end it here before people are witness to a full on domestic event. Kidding! I love the missus (translate: I hate sleeping on the couch)! And just to remind the missus:


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with the missus! (on you being mean, that is)

haha! sorry! couldn't resist siding the missus :p

echu said...

women! :P