Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Donut Journals (Day 6)

The donut is still there. My mom would be horrified if she found out about this situation. She would probably say something like "Do you know how many starving children there are in the world?" Somebody should send that donut to Africa or something.

The plight of our dear donut continues...
The Donut Journals - Day 6
It's taking awhile for the ants to arrive. They must have taken the stairs. Probably because they couldn't push the buttons on the elevator.

A couple of days ago I was desperate and I put out a sign to encourage people to take me. It said "Donut - Eat Me". I don't think it's working. I think I'll take it down now. All hope is lost.

Donut: If this is where it has to happen, then this is where it has to happen. I'm not letting you get rid of me.
Munchkin: Just shut up.
Donut: I love you, you complete me.
Munchkin: Just shut up. You had me at Jello. You had me at Jello!
I know, I know. It's jelly donuts and not jello donuts and it's not even funny. But jello fitted better and if you want quality humor you might be in the wrong place :P It's not like I'm getting paid you know.


John Hilston said...

Loved the day 6 blogs, thanks for sharing.
long stay parking luton

Aimee E said...

Goood share