Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quite Random Things

Kim Lee at the Penn
Nope, it's no Korean pop idol concert, but it might be close. Congratulations to my good friend Kendy! It was a beautiful wedding! Although I wish I could have gotten smashed like in any good wedding. But it was a Sunday night and coming to work with a hangover is never a good thing. It was the Kim - Lee nuptial in The Penn. I just have one advice, if you ever decide to put up a restaurant together, don't use your surnames in naming it - it's a copyright minefield. Best wishes!

Blog Matters
This blog has reached a couple of mi
lestones this week. First, it is now 4 months old. Second, we're now at over 1,000 visits. Yey! Never mind that probably half of those visits is just me checking how many visits I've had. Yup, it's a pretty vain exercise. Just like the way McDonald's kept count of burgers. Of course, I intend to stop way before I reach a billion :P

Check it out, I'm the primary resource for "Pulis Oysters" in Google. Ha! At least this blog is good for something.

Quite Interesting
I discovered a new show through YouTube. It airs on BBC2 and the name of the show is QI: Quite Interesting. It's a combination of my two favorite things: trivia and comedians. As the English would say - fantastic! Since almost nobody gets the right answer every time, they just give out points depending on how interesting your answer is, whether or not it directly relates to the question is irrelevant. An interesting answer gets higher points than the right answer :P It's funny watching comedians try to make-up something interesting on the spot. Here a clip from the show.


Anonymous said...

yey! congrats on being searchable.. i remember a quote from a friends blog that 'if you are not searchable, you dont exist' Living in the Information age... hehehe

QI Fanatic said...


I can't believe that people are picking up on the show in the Philippines. If you're just getting into the show via you tube there's loads of other stuff about the show you might like to know about.

You can read about most of it by following the links from my blog: but the best thing now has to be The Book of General Ignorance. 230 questions and answers written by the show's producer John Lloyd about things that people think but are totally wrong.

Hopefully you can get hold of it where you live. It was Amazon's number one global bestseller over xmas 2006 so it must be out there somewhere.


echu said...

I love the show! None of our local cable TV providers carry BBC2 or BBC4 in their line-up so I really can't catch it on TV (shame!). Several people have posted full shows on YouTube so I just pop by whenever I'm in the mood for it. So far I'm up to Series 'C'. Only about half of Series 'A' and 'B' is posted in YouTube so I'm missing a lot of episodes. Still, it's a lot. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else over here familiar with the show. Hopefully that will change, Filipinos are suckers for game shows. But they usually include barely clothed women.