Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Deity Gets a Shiny Surface

*sigh* two weeks without any new entries, longest lull yet. Lots of things going on the past couple of weeks. Just had a chance to catch my breath. So, this will be a quick post.
Remember that multi-touch technology I blogged about two months back
? Well, guess what? Microsoft has apparently been in the background playing with the technology themselves. Microsoft Windows move aside! Here comes the next big thing - Microsoft Surface.

And here I was thinking the next big thing would be Microsoft Doors.

And who would be the perfect user for a multi-touch interface? AvalokiteĊ›vara of course! Avala-who? Just watch the utterly amazing video.

Danza de los mil brazos - ZappInternet


Anonymous said...


hehehe I ripped the video off for my recent entry... astig!! someone I'll own one of this! hahahaha

echu said...

anytime ;p i think we'll call it quits. i used your comment once for a blog entry :P