Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stop Calling Me A Pig!

I think I have a new hero. This story was printed back in 2000, but I just Stumbled Upon it a couple of days ago. It was just too funny to pass up. Check this out:

Here's a link to the same story on BBC. Reading this gave me a picture in my head of a bunch of drunk male guinea pigs in a bar shouting "Sooty! Sooty! Sooty!" while watching this news story on TV . All the while swinging their small mugs around, laughing, and spilling beer all over the place.

See these pictures? They're just sooooo cute aren't they? Here's some guinea pig fun facts! Happy, happy, joy, joy! (link)
Guinea pigs are not actually pigs, nor did they come from Guinea. They may have acquired the name because of their piglike squeals and the fact that they came to Europe as pets, by way of Guiana in South Africa or Guyana in South America. Another theory is that they cost one guinea in the marketplace. As with real pigs, the females are "sows" and the males are "boars." A group is a "herd."
They're so cute you can just eat up them up! And you know what? People do. (link)
"And what do they taste like? “Meat is meat I suppose - but it’s just a really lovely tender, yummy, tasty meat. It depends on the marinade you put in or how you cook it. It’s a very agreeable meat to eat,” says Elisabeth."
Here another article about these cute, and apparently delicious , creatures as food. Guinea pigs are so good they were even served in the Last Supper! Sunday School never gives us the fun facts.

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