Monday, June 11, 2007


To all couch potatoes everywhere, you will no longer feel obligated to finish those bag of chips. Whether you think that's a good or a bad things is directly related to your Body Mass Index.

Anyway, everyone has been in this situation: You've got a huge bag of chips and your full. Now, unless you have some kind of chip clip, you're in trouble. Leave that bag like that and it will go stale. If you really want to save those chips, you're gonna have to go MacGyver on its ass and get some duct tape. Well, that was before - this is now:

I was a lazy blogger this weekend so I just nicked this off another blog through StumbleUpon. Thanks to Funl for the content. There's a lot more fun stuff there, so check it out.

So talking about chips got me thinking about my weight again. I did some quick searches and found a couple of interesting sites:
So, it's a sad thing that we can never trust anything we find on the Internet. You know how that Avenue Q song goes - "the Internet is for p..."

Since people at work read this...

Disclaimer: Notice that this entry is labeled "silly", meaning it is intended to be amusing and not factual. The Internet both infers and explicitly states that I am corpulent. And in defense, I responded with an ad hominem argument, which is always considered to be an invalid counter in syllogistic logic - thus the humor in the text. Nor do I think that learning to fold a bag of chips so it stays fresh is necessarily a work of genius. And last, I am not fat. I am big-boned. Both calculating tools does not take into account bone mass, so they are marginally reliable. Although I can lose a little weight. Okay, maybe more than a little. Alright, maybe I am fat, but you're ugly. No, I'm not being defensive. I'm being logical, like Vulcans.

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Anonymous said...

about the BMI...

there is always a bright side to things. if your BMI says that you're >30, at least when you go swimming, you won't have to worry about sinking :D