Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Permanent Address

Six moves this year and counting...
  • Malate, Manila
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Paranaque
  • Manila Balay Kalinao, UP
  • Hardin ng Bouganvilla, UP
  • Paco, Manila
  • and yes...Paco is still not permanent.
I hope I don't have to move before the end of the year... but so far it's looking like I'll have to :( Oh yeah, we moved offices to from RCBC Plaza to Net2 as well. I should get a P.O. Box number.

I hate moving. Packing stuff, loading and unloading, dust and newspaper ink everywhere. It's inevitable that you lose something, no matter how much you try to keep track of everything. There's also the problem of not knowing where anything is for the first few days. Of course, I shouldn't really be complaining, the missis does most of the work. I'm only useful for the heavy lifting. I think I wore-out the "I have to go the office now" excuse during packing & unpacking days.

As a celebration of our 2nd year anniversary, my wife and I went to Corregidor. It was almost a disaster though. When we went to the ferry terminal in CCP, we were told that the regular tour would not be leaving that day. This immediately placed the missis in pouting mode and alarm bells started ringing in my head. So I immediately started suggesting options; 'They said they will surely have a tour tomorrow, you want to go tomorrow? No. You want to have dinner na lang? No. Movie? No. Swimming? No'. By now it's a bomb raid siren wailing in my head and there's a voice screaming 'red alert!' 'red alert!'. So it was, as I was panicking internally, a Japanese guy approaches me and asks 'you want to go Corregidor?' I my mind I was going 'yes! yes! I want! I want!'. But of course I was cooler outwardly and replied 'yup, do you have plans?'. Apparently, this happens a lot and there are people who hang out at the terminal with vans that will take you to Corregidor by land via Bataan. So my wife and I, and four Japanese yuppies were off to Corregidor. It was fun and we had a great day. We probably paid more than we should, but hey, I'd gladly pay more that deal with an unhappy pouting wife. We had a great guide that took us around. If you ever get to Corregidor, look for Mang Pol. He's been all around the Philippines giving guided tours to war veterans. He's full of anecdotes and historical tidbits. He's a ball of energy and great fun at 60 years old. He's favorite cry was "I surrender! I surrender!" referring to Filipino soldiers and later Japanese.

I thought there was some irony, considering the history of the place, that I was touring Corregidor with four Japanese guys. All we were missing was an American and maybe we could have staged a little historical re-enactment.

Right. It's 8:00 am in Colorado Springs, I can now make that phone call.

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