Saturday, September 23, 2006

First Entry

Ei! My first blogger entry :)

Nothing really to write about except to share my Booksale acquisitions this week:

- Wolfskin by Juliet Marillier
- Christ the Lord by Anne Rice
- Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwell

Two hardbound books and one paperback book, all under 700 Php. Not too bad in my book, pun intended. The Wolfskin book is in really good condition, like new! The Anne Rice book has a bad damage on the spine, but pages are clean and you hardly notice it with the dust jacket on. It's a fourth of the price in Powerbooks so it's not too bad. Stonehenge book is really worn and a few pages are folded, but still, it's pretty cheap (70 Php!).

Looking forward to reading them :) Still finishing up my Viriconium book. Started out really strong, got through the first half of the book pretty quick. The middl
e sags a bit, and I'm lagging in my reading. Hopefully it finishes strong :) Somebody lending me five seasons of Smallvile and first season of Supernatural didn't help my reading either :P

A Little something about my profile pic. This was taken by a friend on mine on a visit to the Grand Canyon. I was standing on a ledge so that I could take a good picture of the canyon. I was checking the shot I took on my cam. This was a memorable visit. Drove all the way from Colorado Springs to the Grand Canyon. That's 620 miles, about a 14 hour drive. On the way there I drove half and stopped over in New Mexico to sleep. On the way back, I drove in one go, 13 hours straight. Never been so tired in my life. Except when I drove the following weekend from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs, a 10 hour drive. But this time a speeding ticket and a blizzard was involved :P

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