Sunday, September 24, 2006

Puff Goes the Laptop

Reading my insurance coverage awhile back, I wondered what would classify as a work related incident. Being an IT professional, I don't have the same amount of work hazards as a construction worker (not even close). I got my answer this morning reading the news...

Lenovo investigates Sony battery-run laptop fire

I am using a T43 laptop. Exactly the same model mentioned in the article. Adds a bit of excitement to the job to know that it could burst into flames any minute. Kinda like Russian Roulette, IT style.

Congratulations to the Blue Eagles for winning a close Game 1 in the UAAP finals. Wasn't able to watch the game though. I'm actually cheering for UST. They've had a Cinderella story so far. No one really gave them a chance playing for the championship, and yet there they are. After losing to cellar dweller UP in both the 1st and 2nd round. They beat UE twice and now playing Ateneo for the title. I always root for the underdog.

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