Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Love You Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake

Update: For all things "i love you like a fat kids loves cake" click here. If you came through a search engine, that's probably where you want to be.

Geez, no new post for more than 2 weeks. I'm slipping.

I just realized that I have some form of subconscious obsession with bread and pastries. I was going through previous post and I found that several of them talked about such things:
Quite a strange discovery since consciously, I'm not too fond of bread or pastries. I'd rather have my hotdog on a stick and make it a Salisbury steak rather than a burger. I’m also not big on pastries or pies either. I'll eat it if it's given to me (true for almost anything edible), but I would rarely order one for myself. Speaking of steaks, look what the missus made for dinner last night. It should give you an idea why I'm fat - I mean weight challenged.

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