Sunday, April 29, 2007

May You Rest In Peace

Isn't it funny that we celebrate Labor Day by not going to work? That's kinda like celebrating somebody's birthday by not going to the party. Doesn't seem right. Wouldn't it be more appropriate if Labor Day was celebrated by working sixteen hours instead of the usual eight? Or if everybody worked for free for the day! You know, 'cause it's a celebration! Like giving presents!

I think I have some good ideas here. In fact, I'm going to give our local government a visit and present these ideas.

News Flash: A man was stoned to death in front of City Hall this morning. Initial reports indicate that a group of the man's co-workers have been arrested as suspects. Motive is yet to be established.


vianney said...

no thank you. :p i'd rather not celebrate labor day if that's the case! :P

echu said...

lol! hope people realize that i am kidding and that i would be the last guy to ever want to overturn an existing holiday. so, those people planning to wait for me outside the office with bat in hand, call it off.