Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Melt With You

I don't go outdoors in the afternoon 'cause I'm afraid I'll start to sizzle because of all the lard trapped inside my body. April 18 has been the hottest day in Manila so far and it doesn't sound (or feel) like things are going to improve. From
Temperatures shot up to 36.8 degrees Centigrade in Manila Tuesday, the hottest recorded so far this year by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa).

Pagasa chief Nathaniel Cruz said the coming days would even be warmer.
Cruz, however, pointed out that people felt warmer than the actual temperature, and more uncomfortable because of the high humidity in the atmosphere.
"There are two seasons in the country. The wet and dry. Either you get wet or sweat,'' he said.
I think 'warmer' is an understatement. Also, I can think of other words that rhyme with 'wet' and 'sweat'. It's a Tagalog word that starts with a 'p'. Clue: It can also gets sweaty during these days.

I wanna be so rich I can install centralized air conditioning in Manila, both indoors and outdoors. Moving to a cooler climate would make more sense but that would be taking the easy way out and it's just too obvious.

Somebody, blot out the sun! Suck out the humidity! Tilt the globe 20 degrees and takes us out of the equator! Somebody do something! It's hot! I'm fat! I'm sweaty and sticky! This is not right! (sexy imagery huh?)

Syet na mainit!


Anonymous said...

I have to re-read this post again.. natawa ako sa last item e.. hahaha.. ano yung mainit??? hahaha. trying to figure out how could you possibly know that.. hahaha.

echu said...

it the thing that comes out of the 'p' word. hehehe, yuck! gross!

ladies and gentlemen, this blog has reached a new low :P