Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Better than sliced bread

Actual email excerpt ->
"You just need to bring-up a CC&B screen and type in the new file name. Easy as pie. Although I know how to use the idiom, I was never quite sure of its origin. I've seen my mom make pie and it's not easy at all. Now eating a pie, that's easy. Well, a slice of pie, cause eating a whole pie isn't easy. It also has to be good pie, terrible tasting pie is hard to consume and might not go down well. So, to be clear -> Easy as eating a really good slice of pie. *whew!*"

Came the reply ->

"You crack me up................ who would have thought that one simple pie saying could cause so much thought! What other crazy stuff do you think about? What about the saying "better than sliced bread?" have you heard that one?"
Answered back ->
"The question is probably rhetorical but I'll reply anyway, cause it's fun. Also, people watching see I'm writing an email and they think I'm working.

I'm familiar with the expression but I'm a baguette person myself. Good bread and you can use it as a weapon for self-defense in case somebody tries to mug you on the way home from the bakery. And if the mugger ends up in a hospital:

Doc: What's the injury?

EMT: Blunt force trauma.

Doctor: The cause?
EMT: A day old baguette.

Doc. Nurse, get me 20mg of pate, stat!

Sliced bread is great. Who wants to spend half their breakfast time slicing bread? So I say it's a valid expression :P
P.S. - I hate baguettes. Tough bread. I just thought a baguette was funnier than regular sliced bread :P"

Not very business-like exchange, but hey, I had fun. Put this down to improving client relations. Oh yeah -> Disclaimer: To protect the identity of paties involved, names, dates, and places might have been changed.

New look for the blog, more "sandish". Trying out Blogger Beta, more user friendly I think.

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