Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Because We Can

Funny how this product both exemplifies how advanced and how backward we are as a society.

I looked-up titanium to find out why anyone would want to have a titanium spork. The notable characteristics of titanium are:

- Excellent resistance to corrosion
- Withstands attacks by acids
- High strength-to-weight ratio
- High melting point

So, if you need a titanium spork to eat your food, forget about it. It will probably kill you or, at the very least, give you bad case of gas. Just say no.

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Unknown said...

ei mr. sandcastle (hehehe syempre referred to you in online name),

i keep forgetting to buzz you, that you remind me of Zach na TJ sa 5Takes... hehehe sa Discovery Travel and Living... but off the record you are a better blogger than he is.. hehehehe =)