Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Drill Happy

Wow, it's been a week since my last entry. Longest lull so far in my first month of blogging :)

I've been dreaming of getting myself an IPod, HD DVD and TV, a PC upgrade, a new phone, and sound system for the car. But it just feels like a waste of hard earned money. Plus I don't really earn that much to begin with :P So, toys for the big boys are basically out. Sensibility sucks.

We've been doing some finishing work in the house for the past few weekends; putting up shelves, catches for the closets, and hanging things on the wall. So I had myself a good excuse to go get a power drill. I got an 'okay' from the missus as she must have figured if I was going to buy it, it would at least mean I would be doing some work in the house for the short time I was excited to use it :P Actually, she was pretty psyched about it as well. In fact, we gave it a test run at around 10pm at night. We probably woke the people next door, but hey, we both probably could not have slept peacefully without doing it.

So it was that I got myself my first power tool and started poking holes on our walls. I guess it's a different set of toys from now on, the kinds that cat either kill you or amputate a few limbs and appendages.
Now, if I propose to build some cabinet drawers you think I can get myself a nail gun, sander, and power saw?

After several cancellations due to busy schedules and natural disasters, we were finally able to go on our well deserved team activity. We went bowling Monday night and I really had a good time playing, especially since our group won. I'm pretty sure the other team had fun losing too *snickers*. Of course, I'm only teasing. Well, mostly teasing :P

Afterwards we had dinner. Everybody got a free stuff toy with his or her order of drink. You had a choice of getting a giraffe or a dog. I suspect there must have been some hanky panky going on in that pile of stuff toys cause the dogs' necks are just as long as the giraffes'. Dogaffes or Giraffadogs hybrids. They would make interesting pets. For one thing, the dog wouldn't have to climb up your lap to lick your face.


vianney said...

i scream for a rematch! hmf!!!! hehehe...Next stop...Cold Rock! Ferrero Ice cream! :)

echu said...

hahaha...okay, i guess the losing team deserves some ice cream as a consolation :P peace!

Anonymous said...

one of them was a giraffe?! really? i thought it was a cow...

never crossed my mind that there was some hanky panky going on. now that you mentioned it, imagining how they did the deed is more funny (imagine a small dog trying to hump a tall giraffe...)

hmmm... national geographic would have a field day for that :p

Ms. Poshlust said...

Ah, and on notes of mammals humping.. Thanks for the lovely (and suitably hilarious) little note on my blog. *smile* It gives me hope. *laugh* So much snow here.. and you're eating ice-cream? Damn you...

echu said...

weird al: i'll leave it to you to imagine it :P Yeah I can see how National Geographic would be interested in that kind of thing, but they would probably be distracted by Armageddon.

ms. poshlust: it was such a good rant, it deserved a reply :P And I'm glad it gives you a glimmer of hope. But be weary, I'll say it again, men are pigs! *oink* *oink*

I'll buy you an ice cream truck in return for some snow over here :)