Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Banana In My Mind

I was in a kind of stupor the whole day yesterday as I only got a few hours of sleep. A zombie; just lagging around and moaning every now and then. And like any good zombie, I had a one-track mind. Only it wasn't about eating brains. Solving a client's billing problem, that was all I had in mind. That is, until the 'lunch lady' came and I got myself a meal. She gave me a banana as part of the meal I bought. From then on I had a banana and billing in my mind. I don't know why the banana stuck but here are a few things that popped in my head:

- Put a banana in that billing engine.
- Have a banana!
- If MacGyver had a banana, he could fix this.
- Bananarama
- Banana zombies, instead of coming after your brain, it comes after your banana! Mwahahahaha!! *screams*

I don't actually like bananas. In fact, I wasn't able to eat the banana or my lunch. I took it home and gave it to the missus – “Sorry I'm late, I brought you a banana *smile* ". I usually brought chocolates for these occasions, but I already had the banana at hand, so I went with it. I guess you could say I was going bananas. My blog. My jokes. Deal with it.

Strange things you find on the internet. While writing this entry, I wondered what I would get if I googled "Banana Zombie". Didn't think I would get any relevant results, but I got the picture posted here. Apparently he's a Dancing Banana Zombie, what could get better than that? A Dancing Banana Split Zombie! And if you want to get all intellectual, I also got this result.

There are exactly 20 bananas in this blog entry. Yup, 20, don't forget the one trying to grab you.


Unknown said...



incidentally the zombienana looks quite grossed out

Anonymous said...

i take it you arent used to having less than 3hrs, much less, no sleep at all? :p you'll get the hang of it, especially after you've mastered the art of sleeping with eyes wide open.

note to self: get bert a pair of pj's with bananas in pajamas printed on 'em for christmas :-)

Louise said...

If MacGyver had a banana he'd be able to solve any problem! Does anyone actually like bananas?

echu said...

There must be people out there who likes bananas! We are basically hairless primates after all :P

Weird Al! I concede that you probably have more long work days than I do :P And I wouldn't mind PJs for xmas. I haven't been in PJs since I was eight, I think.