Monday, November 13, 2006

Cause We're Sly

As if not hearing them when they're pretending isn't annoying enough, somebody invents this. And the researchers have pictures of a demonstration here, just so you can see how 'cool' they are. Great. Can you imagine being in a train with a guy wearing 'em?

So they've started promoting the Rocky Balboa movie that is coming out Dec. 22, 2006 in the US. Wow. The original Rocky movie came out in 1976. Imagine that, Rocky VI. Stallone's not done though. They've already started work on Rambo IV: The Serpent's Eye and it is scheduled to come out next year. So all the old movie series is coming back I guess. This after Terminator 3 and the Star Wars prequels came out in recent years. How about Police Academy 7? You never know.

For those who hate making excuses (pun, yes), there's a new service out there that will make them for you: The Alibi Network. Here's Top 3 of my favorite services:

Having a Discreet Affair?
We invent, create and provide customized alibis and excuses for attached adults involved in discreet relationships.

Rescue Call Services
The phone call from us to communicate any information you desire or to help you escape any situations such as dull meetings, bad dates or other unnecessary commitments that need to be cut short or cancelled.

Virtual Employment
Are you embarrassed to be unemployed? Do you have a critical life situation that requires you to have a job? Would you like to create an impression that you have your dream job? With your own virtual office, executive assistant and business cards?

You know, if you need help lying to your wife, you might not be smart enough to have an affair. Oops, just in case the missus is reading this, let me re-phrase that: You shouldn't be having an affair in the first place. That is a bad bad thing. You shouldn't even be thinking or looking at other women. In fact, all the women in the world were taken by aliens when you got married, except your wife. Oh yeah, and you should never lie to your wife. I myself have never done it, because I love her very much and not because I fear physical and mental punishment. Clear? Right. Glad we got that straightened out.

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