Monday, November 06, 2006

Who's the Bitter Blogger?

Miss IMSHO, I'm putting you front and center :)
imnsho said...

ei mr. sandcastle (hehehe syempre referred to you in online name),

i keep forgetting to buzz you, that you remind me of Zach na TJ sa 5Takes... hehehe sa Discovery Travel and Living... but off the record you are a better blogger than he is.. hehehehe =)
You know, that sounds really weird. Mr. Sandcastle, nah, that simply doesn't work. Sounds really wimpy. Wow, and I have been using it for a while now. I think I'll just start using my nickname for my display name :P I wanted some element of anonymity, but my pic does appear in this blog, so I guess I'm not fooling anyone :P

I checked out the site you linked to. All I can say is I hate them. I hate them because they have my dream job. To be able to travel and then report about it. I hate them. I'm so bitter you can use me as fish cracker dip. But as you say, I'm a better blogger that he is, so there. The world will probably disagree. All I can say is they can kiss my...cute and lovable little puppy...if I ever get one :)

Acquisitions this week:

Vellum: The Book of All Hours
By Hal Duncan

This book has one hell of a good blurb on it. I'm crossing my fingers that the book lives up to it. Ayyyyyeee! Just saw the three star rating on Amazon when I was linking to it. Shucks, I didn't want any preconceptions about the book before reading it. Well, I have loved books that weren't popular with critics before. Hopefully, this is one of those.

Oh yeah, I just finished reading Manfredi's Empire of Dragons. As usual, Manfredi does not disappoint. Loved it. Whenever I get tired or bored reading, I pick up a Manfredi book. Depending on how much I like a book, I can take a few days or a a few months to finish one. Empire of Dragons I finished in a week (a busy work week!). I was also able to finish Alan Moore's The Watchmen during the weekend. I wish I had read it 10 years ago. Too many people have 'borrowed' his idea since then, and having seen those second hand interpretations first, the story no longer had the same effect on me. *sigh* But still, I enjoyed reading it.

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