Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Bit Of A Hiccup

The missus and I were driving around last weekend running some errands when they played "5 years" by Sugar Hiccup on the radio. I haven't heard the song in a while. I think it's been more than ten years since the song was released. But I do remember that made an impression on me when I first heard it. Since then it invokes a lot of imagery in my mind when I hear it. It's very haunting. I thought I should capture those images by writing them down. Just like the song, I tried to keep it abstract:

Sublime anguish, forlornness, ever present, ominous, and looming. To forget, she immerses herself in the mundane. Keep busy and distracted, that is the routine. But once in awhile a glimpse of other people's lives wakes a memory; a moment in her own life, of that life, of what used to be. The memory triggers another. Happy though they may be, they now overwhelm her, and sadden her. "He will never be back", a chant that echoes in her mind during these moments. It abates the surge of memories, plunging her back into despondency. He didn't leave willingly, it was not his choice, not within his power to avert. He was taken. He would never have left her of his own accord.

What I like best about the song is that it is mostly formless and raw, you can mold it so that it fits your experience.

On a lighter note, I wanted to record a momentous event. My credit card has a zero balance:
I've paid everything up! I'm so happy I could cry! I wanted to record this event for posterity's sake. Show my future children that it is possible, that it can be done. Let it be known that on this day, November 16, 2006, I am debt free! That is, just until the bills come in a week or two :P

But since I used up all my money paying off the credit card, here is the Christmas shopping list this year:

1. Mom - Pot Holder
2. Dad - Neck Tie
3. Brothers - Socks
4. Wife - Chocolates, with a hug and a kiss to make it extra sweet
5. Everyone Else - Christmas Cards
*please note that all items in this list are prefixed with "cheap". It was removed for brevity.

I remember this list. I think I had it when I was back in college.


Anonymous said...

nice xmas list!
pero sabi nga its always the thought that counts...

ako everybody else is under Greet people Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - personally (kasi mahal pa rin ang text!) hehehehe

echu said...

hehehe! koreke! you just gave me an idea...instead of xmas cards...text na lang nga :P

Louise said...

I have noted that list and will be stealing your ideas for my loved ones. I will also be including the word cheap.

echu said...

Ah yes, you're much more forthcoming than I.

Being cheap isn't so bad. Scrooge didn't do bad at all. He got a book deal and several movie adaptations. And he got a happy ending every time too :P