Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the west :)

Happy 2nd Month of Blogging to me :)

Nothing really to say except I want! Shortest blog post yet. Just didn't want the week to go by without updating it :P


Ms. Poshlust said...

Hello Hello there!
Ok, you were totally right. I'm folding on the no TV thing. I've actually resorted to turning it on in the spare room, closing the door, and LISTENING to the TV. It's like injecting carpet cleaner or something - a sad and poor substitute. *Sigh* On THAT note... seasons greetings!


echu said...
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echu said...

hahaha! well, maybe going cold turkey on the TV and starbucks at the same time wasn't a good idea :P one step at a time or baby steps (obscure 'what about bob' reference).

you can eventually transition from listening to the TV to listening to the radio. at least it wouldn't be TV. **text deleted**

** forgot that this is being seen at work :P